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Hastings Locksmiths provide a comprehensive, professional security and Locksmithing services, for homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes across East Sussex and West Kent.

Domestic and Commercial Locksmiths

Our years of experience, ledgers of repeat customers, accreditations and steady flow of beaming google-reviews shows that our team can solve your Locksmithing problems, regardless of its size. We work closely with industry across East Sussex and West Kent helping to secure their premises at larger scales, installing reliable locking systems and security adjuncts.

As part of the larger Fuzion 4 Group, we can seamlessly integrate security system installations, fire safety system installations and electrical contracting services for your organisation. Our team of highly skilled professionals are here for your organisation. We’re trusted by industry and commercial clients across East Sussex and West Kent.

Give us a call, and you can speak directly to our cheerful team of keen Locksmiths.

Looking for a locksmith for your home or business?

At Hastings Locksmiths, we understand that the security of your home and business is of the utmost importance. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of locksmithing services designed to keep you and your property safe and secure. With our quick response times and affordable prices, you can rest assured that your security is in good hands. Trust us to be your go-to locksmiths and let us help you secure your property today!

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How We Work

Locksmiths for your home

Every home needs to be secured properly and we’ve installed reliable locking systems and security appliances in countless homes over the years. Thats why you should choose Hasting’s Locksmiths when you need a Locksmith for your home.

We’re confident, friendly and professional locksmiths routinely working with homeowners and landlords across West Kent and Sussex.

Locksmiths for your business

We’re a capable specialist Locksmithing service who can install locking systems that will meet British Standard BS3621:2004 insurance requirements.

We’re trusted by organisations such as East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, and East Sussex College Group to help secure their premises at larger scales, and we can do the same for you.

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