• Rim Cylinder Drawback Locks (Yale Locks)
    Our experienced locksmiths will normally try to pick this type of lock but if they cannot do this it will probably have to be drilled open and then the lock barrel replaced . It is normally not very expensive to change a Yale lock barrel so there is no need to worry about extensive cost.
  • Mortice Locks
    Drilling your mortice lock to open it is normally the cheapest option. The lock will then need to be replaced and a new set of keys given.  There are other options on how to open your lock but these are normally more costly and time consuming.
  • Suited or Restricted systems
    We will be able to replace your suited lock or order a replacement key for you. Contact us to see how we can help you.

When we can, we use non-destructive entry techniques. These are methods used by locksmiths to open locks without causing damage to the lock or surrounding property. These techniques include the use of specialised tools, such as lock picks and tension wrenches, as well as methods such as lock manipulation and decoding.

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